“It’s dangerous to DEV alone, take this!”

Well, hello dear reader,

Welcome to Cat Nigiri’s devblog. We will be updating this blog with news from our studio & whichever games we are currently (or not) developing!

We will share behind the scenes, concepts, event dates, interviews and what ever else we think you might enjoy.
We plan to post regularly, at least once a month with monthly themed categories, such as music, art, etc.

A little bit about us:

We are a small studio located in the magical island of Florianopolis (check it up, it is actually called Island of Magic by natives!), in Brazil.

We are now 9 people working together on multiple teams, Nando is the Studio Director (and designer in his freetime *never*), Caio is the Designer from Necrosphere & Keen (and our older games) together with Marcello, the Art department has Frango and Ilona, our Programmers are Estevao and Douglas and finally we have Juliane Andrezzo as our in-house Musician & Sound Designer and Lukita as our Marketing guy.

We spend most of our time worrying about our next deadline (especially Nando) and making fun of really weird things on the vast web.