Frequently Asked Questions (and also never-asked questions we feel bound to answer anyway).


  • Q: Black screen when capturing Necrosphere using OBS.
  • A: That’s hardly a question, but yes, currently, Necrosphere can only be recorded in OBS using DISPLAY CAPTURE rather than WINDOW CAPTURE. It works just fine like that.


  • Q: How do I delete all my save files?
  • A: Why would you want to do that? Anyway, stand on the first platform everĀ (pictured below) and hit CTRL + SHIFT + F8. A weird noise will signal it worked.

  • Q: Why didn’t you map LEFT and RIGHT to the directional buttons or analog sticks?
  • A: Because later on the game, you will have to push both at the same time.


  • Q: What’s the point of the DELUXE version?
  • A: An extra chapter accessible through the Main Menu after you collect at least 5 DVDs. It is so hard you can take from 3min to 6h to finish it.


  • Q: Why can’t I run Necrosphere in windowed mode?
  • A: Bad programmer. But we’re currently porting the game using GREAT TECHNOLOGY and a PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMER, so this, along with a couple other annoyances, will eventually be fixed.


  • Q: Why no Linux-love?
  • A: …YET! But it will surely happen. Again, soon as real programmers finish their work, we’ll be able to port Necrosphere around with ease. We do have a working Linux version right now, but it only works on some Linuxes, so we can’t really sell it that way.


  • Q: Can I save/load states like in an emulator?
  • A: That’s clearly not a frequently asked question, but rather something I really felt like saying. You can save anywhere in the game using the INSERT key, and load using HOME, but ONLY AFTER ALL 20 DVDs ARE COLLECTED.


  • Q: I’m speedrunning Necrosphere. Can I skip the intros?
  • A: Absolutely! On Main Menu, start a new game while holding LEFT and RIGHT — you’ll probably need both hands.